Portrait-1-Aleksandra Peyrer-Navijalic vegan art

Hi, I’m Aleksandra. Welcome to my space! I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada to Croatian parents. I am currrently living with my husband Gerhard and three children (Konstantin-14, Philia-10 and Emmanuel-6) in Vienna, Austria. After my studies in music (classical singing) I started teaching English in companies in and around Vienna and have continued to do so up until today.

With the birth of my first son began my journey to a plant-based lifestyle. In my case it was simply a strong interest grounded in my upbringing. Both of my parents have always been gourmets and absolutely obsessed with high-quality produce. I remember my mother and father going to great lengths to find the best produce they could find and always cooking on a daily basis. I always enjoyed the whole process of cooking from choosing ingredients to imagining what I’m going to cook and finally presenting it to my family. On a more spiritual level, I believe that food has the power to really connect us to the earth and to our beloved ones and my goal with this blog is to reach out to a greater community and share what comes on my table with others.

My journey to a plant-based diet began more for health reasons. When I met my husband he had already been vegetarian for 11 years and was very knowledgeable about the energetic quality of different foods. I was inspired and started delving in books about the macrobiotic diet and Ayurveda and eventually Chinese healing arts. I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between food and healing and I believe it begins with fresh, seasonal produce and a mindful attitude when cooking. I find inspiration for my recipes mostly from the market and from other cultures. I love using spices in my cooking and giving dishes an asian or an exotic twist. Nourishing my family on all these levels is perhaps one of the greatest joys that I’ve been lucky to experience. Being kind to animals and the planet seem to me to be the most logical and natural choice when it comes to choosing what I eat on a daily basis. I am far from being dogmatic and believe that the best way to inspire others to become vegan is simply by presenting them with beautiful and lovingly prepared food.

Besides cooking I enjoy hiking and being in nature, reading and spending time with my family. When I find the time I also enjoy doing yoga and meeting friends. Thank you for stopping by. I would be delighted to connect with you on Facebook or Instagram. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.